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medium-width log extending from bottom left towards top right background, with three clusters of orange mushrooms (one in a hollow knob on top of the log). two milipedes are present near the left cluster. to the right and background are very young green saplings with wide leaves.   quick detour from the mushrooms for this weird shrub with a magenta stem and deep purple berries. a 'poke plant'   whole frame is close-up view of fractured mossy log wall. a deep nook extends across the whole bottom half of the frame, containing what's best described as a pile of mushroom caps, pale grey to tan. some curl up so's you can see the gills.   wide, fairly decayed log extending from bottom right to middle top, covered in moss and a smattering of tiny mushrooms- long-stemmed round-capped orange ones- one of which is growing in a cluster with twisty stems- and a few larger, dark grey-brown round-capped ones to the bottom   mossy log on right- hosting one large shelf fungus above and three small below- pale brown on their tops, and visibly white on the bottom of the large one.   cluster of pale brown mushrooms with slightly elongated, round tubular caps and glossy, short white stems. some moss and very tiny orange-tan, long-stemmed mushrooms in bottom right.   soft focus closeup of a cluster of delicate-looking pale mushrooms with somewhat pointy umbrella caps, nestled in a nook in a mossy log in bottom left. above and behind them, out of focus is a log with some white shelf fungus, with a thin band of background woods above the log.   vibrant gnarled orange shelf fungus, four groups, on log extending from top left to bottom right.   bluebell cluster just right of center of the image, a honeybee perched on its bottom.   close up bluebells in top left, widely spaced around the central plant, more stem in bottom left. a honeybee hovers to the right of the flowers.   bluebells in bottom left quadrant of picture. large, dusty orange moth on the flower cluster, with its head/midsection seemingly being attacked by a weevil-looking insect of about the same color.   close up magenta celosia in top of frame extending from stem in bottom right. great black digger wasp in side profile perching on bottom of the flower.   close up magenta celosia in top half of frame, extending from stem on the left. the black wasp is on the bottom, peering around to the other side.   a tube of brightly lit spiderweb within some obscured leaves, spider in center munching on somethin   close up bluebells, stem extending from edge cluster on left to main cluster on top. bumblebee on bottom of top cluster   close up bluebells to left, two bumblebees on rightmost flowers   mating pair of yellow soldier beetles, close up sunflower (weird one with small center, or just a flower kinda like a sunflower) with center to bottom right   near top of goldenrod stalk on left with a (paper?) wasp on flowers in front, and a honeybee partly obscured on right of plant. the very tip of a cone below and what look to be two stalks of grass to the left of the goldenrod   closeup goldenrod flower clusters extending from right of frame, two honeybees in left center.   whole bunch of large milkweed bugs bugs clustering on two milkweed seed pods, three tufted milkweed seeds along fringes of picture  
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"you can't have enough fungi, nor enough bugs" - The Artist