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beach and woods on lake michigan's shore, white sky   woodside trail, one lone cottonwood and lake on right   stratified rocky shoreline. bit of sunglimmer   bandlands   badlands   more badlands   still badlands   rain on car window, soft focus sunset. god i can be cheesy   pink sunset over alien terrain (it's actually just the badlands again)   slightly lighter pink alien sunset   misty dakota landscape from a tower   pronghorn (no horns) looking right at you   pronghorn, nursing two   the nursing pronghorn and her three grazing neighbors   bison through car window   pronghorn (with horns) (not looking right at you)   big spiky rocks. also trees   another misty landscape shot   devil's tower, towering   cautious young mule (?) deer behind grass  
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"i hope you like poor composition, and also birds" - The Artist