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young (spotted) mule deer in profile   prairie dog, fist clenched. it'll show 'em yet   bison (not through car window)   lone grazing bison   prairie dog sitting, tired look in its eye, on black dirt mound   prairie dog staring out to bottom right   prairie dog sitting alone on hill on bigger hill   heron (way too blue because i took the picture through a window again)   blurry duck (it's a redhead duck though so i had to show y'all!!)   ceiling fan in motion. gonna make an album cover out of this   grid pattern of power mac g5 case, as seen through magnifying lens   blue and orange sunset-type sky over lake   sky lit orange by sunset, water tower in silhouette   basjidablslfnadevfb (lilac)   sky lit orange by sunset, water tower in silhouette (again)   male cardinal on deck chair, peering over shoulder. looks like i put one of them instagram filters over it because i took it through a window again   clearing through woods in michigan, sun is doing Optical Things   foreground- railing. background- bottom of waterfall   black dragonfly in forest of leaves   small chaotic waterfall meandering between trees, background washed out  
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"i hope you like poor composition, and also birds" - The Artist