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Q: what does incertae sedis mean?

        A:  It's a Latin taxonomic term, used to describe species of uncertain placement within a group.

Q: that sounds really prete-

        A:  Actually, thank you,, I didn't choose it to sound pretentious. When I was a little kid I used to spend ages on wikipedia browsing taxonomy pages, for whatever reason, and the term kinda stuck in my head. The literal meaning appeals to me but nostalgia is the main factor.

Q: how do you say it?

        A:  The traditional English pronunciation sounds dumb to me. So does the academically correct Latin pronunication. I say it /ɪnkзɹ̠tɑi sɛdɪs/ (in-KER-tie SED-iss) because I think it sounds okay like that, but it's not really accurate.

Q: this page is labeled "faq", but does anyone ever actually ask you things?

        A:  No?? You're probably one of maybe three people who have ever seen this page. Who would even do that?

Q: wow, i looked at your bandcamp! such an impressive output!

        A:  Please don't rub it in. I know linking to it now was probably bad form, but who's even visiting this site anyway?

Q: this is just you talking to yourself, for your own entertainment alone

        A:  yeah. so

Q: may i contact you?

        A:  Absolutely not.