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boxelder maple branch extending from right of frame with two flowers, capped with well-developed new leaves. several snaking branches with more flowers in backdrop   a single red maple flower backed by sky, out of focus   new leaves on branches of a maple tree with sun filtering through. leaves are shades of green through orange. a single red helicopter seed hangs at the bottom of a branch, out of focus.   two iridescent beetles mating on a milkweed plant while a brown spider their size menaces them. old picture.   rather large leopard frog, camouflaging annoying well with the grey pebbles and green moss of the path. focal plane is on frog midsection, whoops. there were hundreds of frogs on this path but this is the only one who would sit still   pretty nondescript picture of a sunlit forest, tree line two thirds up the picture, a large branch streching diagonally bottom left to top right. in the bottom left pops out a tall flower with several clusters of five long red petals research has indicated is a 'scarlet lobelia'.   scarlet lobelia close-up, blurry green foliage backdrop.   another amphibian on the path- this time a medium sized, brown american toad   ok the last few pictures weren't great artistically but this one really isn't. it's a closeup of a mushroom with a white stem and purple-tan flat head, keeled over as the stem is broken. it rests in some pine needles, interspersed with a few blades of grass. also if you click on it, the mushroom is blurry. thank you phone camera. i don't really know why i chose this one to upload- just felt like eternalizing this poor fungus i guess.   another mushroom in the pine needles and grass. this one is intact with a broader tan disc head. accidentally really moody lighting, with the shadow under the mushroom completely black and the sunlight highlight washing out some of the head. whoops.   two thin birch trunks fork on the left of the picture, with some yellow flowers around their meeting point. to the right of the image is a dirt path. most of bottom half is bright green foliage, top half (background trees) has some real artsy glare that was washing out the whole area before i got smart and turned up the contrast.   vibrant wavy orange, absolutely massive shelf fungus in bottom half of frame, growing on the side a log, interspersed with young leafy plants.   single, well-formed mushroom growing among the leaf litter and live leaves. has a shallow, curved, speckled white cap, and a sturdy (but relatively thin), tall stem meeting the base at a fairly wide skirt.   single old-looking shelf fungus with dull brown, subtly ringed top and a thick white edge. it has two drops of what appears to be sap on it. it is growing out of a very decayed mossy log where moss and log alive appear to be covered in rusty brown powder- probably spores?   paper-thin, ringed pale grey shelf fungus on bough extending from bottom left to above focal plane in top left. single woodlouse visible on bark above the bough. there's some moss and other plants too i guess.   three thick, lumpy yet smooth shelf fungi, light brown, in a column on the cut side of a sawed log. the largest and top has a thick white edge and prominent ringed patterning. the middle has no white edge and less prominent rings and also appears to be caving in from the inside in a few small sections (the top is too but less so). the bottom one is a little nub. log surface is speckled with white and tan fungus   top face of a tree stump backed by woodland, pale brown mushrooms growing around a long crack in its surface. they have thin stems and wide, disc caps with darker centers. a few caps are sagging.   right half of image is very sharply textured gray bark. growing from it are two floppy mushrooms, the latter visible from underneath- its fine gills run continuously from stalk to cap, and some light is visible through the cap where gills aren't. two ants are climbing on it.   closer log in right of frame with slight tilt towards top right, and in the top left of the picture, another log behind it extending from the corner. the tops of both logs are covered in slightly wavy shelf fungus. the fungi have dull brown, ringed top surfaces with thick white edges. encroaching  on the frame are large maple leaves, and some small saplings grow in the meeting point of the two logs.   fairly undecayed log extending from foreground on left to background on right, covered with small, wavy, subtly ringed shelf fungi. thin strip of woods background visible on top.  
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"the great tragedy of photography with a cheap phone camera is that the photographer will usually be disproven in their assumption they will not need for a zoom lens." - The Artist