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lichen and two variety of fungus covered log   adorable lone frilly mushroom in a hollow in a tree   path under a vibrant blue sky, red sumac to the left   brightly lit autumnal maple (?) against cloudy backdrop   some fun lookin mushrooms in the grass on the roadside   cicada 1: out of focus, perching on a light purple flower, uh i think it's an aster   cicada 2: more in focus now, perched upside down and inclined toward camera on milkweed seed pod   cicada 3: definitely in focus, very close-up side view, again perched on the milkweed pod   too-distant shot of some sporophyte-bearing moss on a log, the sporophytes tending orange.   dense shot of american coots on the lake. there are at least 68 birds in this picture   near profile of male mallard in water dense with debris and a scattering of duckweed   silhouette of an old tree's branches, a crook in the center framing the cloud-damped sun   forked tree, trunk leaning at about 20 degrees above horizontal. there are shelf fungi around the fork. in distant foreground there are cattails and behind, more of the marsh   cardinal perching among the branches and brush near the ground, head cocked at camera   shot of a perching cardinal in a bare treetop from below   canada goose staring out of frame on the wind-mottled lake   view over a marsh. entire bottom of frame is cattail, the bottom two thirds of the top half is bare woodland. the sky is blinding white because i'm bad at this. there is some red from dogwood bushes in the middle of the dividing line. a gnarled branch juts into the left third of the frame and the top of the frame is interrupted by some thinner branches.   a branch holding red berries in an otherwise bare woodland, the background in soft focus.   either a downy or hairy woodpecker at distance, perched on a trunk. some soft focus.   Four boxelder maple flowers crowned with new leaves. soft focus with many other flowering branches chaotically arranged in background  
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"we've now returned to something like the original ethos of this log... but perhaps there has been some kind of development, along the way? perhaps?" - The Artist