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behind the bridge over the spillpond (from the waterfall, around which i still am)   view of the whole waterfall   some water i guess? and tree roots? i barely know what i was going for with these   gnarled tree roots. another really weird shot   arched railing casting shadow, also the waterfall again   black and white dragonfly on wood of railing   patch of daisies and rock   CAUTION: UNEVEN AND SLIPPERY STEPS AHEAD   looking up at the very slightly cloudy blue, canopy around the sides, a dead tree at bottom   woolly bear caterpillar   concrete structure of uncertain purpose on the lake edge in the woods   overlooking the rippling lake   sunlight filtering through the trees, lens flare   whole bunch of flat-topped yellowish mushrooms around a stump!   zigzagging wood board staircase by the lake   path through the woods   another path photo but this one has a neat tree in it   prairie overlook interrupted by thin trees, more woods undergrowth visible in foreground   patch of mushrooms at base of tree, which has a few shelf fungal growths   yet more mushrooms... sure was good weather for em  
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"if ever you see a photograph with no discernible subject and weak composition, ask yourself- is there a Vibe in the location pictured, reaching across space to you? that was my idea at least. dunno, seemed pretty vibey when i was there" - The Artist