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prairie vegetation- yellow coneflowers   monarch caterpillar on milkweed (vertical)   strongly backlit prairie vegetation, grass stalks prominent, kinda abstracted   lone mourning dove on light grey soil   slug in the grass   milkweed tussock caterpillar clinging on side of leaf   monarch caterpillar clinging upside down on leaf   flowerbed; yellow and purple coneflowers, tall blue clusters (standing bugles?)   i'm gonna be level with you. i don't know what the flowers in the foreground are.    red milkweed beetle! (the stoner of the insect world)   round shiny brown and green beetle. weevil?   bumblebee!   female mallard reflected on lake (grey)   four standing pelicans backed by island   two swimming pelicans backed by island   female mallard reflected on lake (blue)   seven geese. one is invisible   female mallard reflected on lake (green)   lone egret on rock backed by island   yellow garden spider!!  
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"my guiding principle is as the Good Book says: 'duuuuuuuucks'. of course, the spirit of the text extends not just to Ducks but to All" - The Artist