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view from top of dragonfly (black saddlebags skimmer) on greenery   shelf fungi growing on mossy cut log, sun over-illuminating a strip of the bark atop   elegant pale-red disk-capped mushroom among leaf litter and a few blades of grass   elegant orange mushroom with a upturned saucer-shaped cap, leaning to the left, on a fallen log.   the single most phallic-looking mushroom of all time, droopily emerging from leaf litter   shelf fungi on part of fallen log viewed from above, the edge of which extends diagonally across the image   chaotic cluster of pale orange, floppy disc-capped mushrooms among young plants   some sort of cute green shield bug standing on tent fabric, facing towards camera   monarch butterfly with closed wings perching   closeup of monarch butterfly perching, centered on its head, thorax, legs. its body is fuzzy, black, and covered in large white spots. spongebob was silly, they're cute up close   soft closeup image of goldenrod. there's a mating pair of triangular bugs (ambush bugs), the one on top mostly black in color and the bottom one mostly amber like the goldenrod   return of the great black digger wasp, now clambering around goldenrod   great black digger wasp now in side profile on the goldenrod, image in soft focus with greenery backdrop   messy picture of a busy goldenrod cluster. there are 3 honeybees in the image and a bumblebee in the center   looking down a tree trunk with one strand of virginia creeper climbing up it through the plane of focus and a narrow beam of sunlight   pile of several thick, short logs presumably cut from one tree, among much greenery with a sunlit area on top right   long, dense cluster of little pale brown-capped mushrooms growing from a crack in mossy wood   pale orange mushroom with raised white spots just visible atop, extending by a thick white stem out from a tree. it is framed messily by some branches out of focus in from of it. a thin strip of sky light and greenery is visible at left   looks like a really weird artists' conk, shaped almost like an iron, with a brown banded side and smooth white bottom (with a few dark scratches). it is growing on the bottom of a log suspended horizontal above the ground   delicate patches of fungus on a thick stick held above a road. the fungus has light edges, a visual texture like a blanket, and mixed golden-pink coloration  
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"we're really kinda going in circles with subjects at this point, aside from the Monarch (who I only got good shots of because it was newly hatched and not up to flying much)" - The Artist