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side view of a toad sitting with its head above the pond's surface, framed on either side by a blade of grass   out-of-focus reflection of a building on glassy pond surface. at the building-sky border across the whole frame is an orange koi, flattened by refraction   view of very shallow water's surface. many tadpoles are visible under the glare. at the top of the image are some darker regions in the reflection of the reeds   pair of toads in amplexus, framed by a snapped reed. camera is staring head-on at them it's kind of awkward   toad lying underwater atop green-chartreuse pond scum   mourning dove perched on red-painted wood railing looking back at camera, backed by shrub greenery   milkweed leaf beetle on milkweed leaf   milkweed leaf beetle on milkweed lead with unopened flower cluster to left, sun accenting pitting on top abdomen   back of front half of red milkweed beetle wiggling in cluster of unopened milkweed flowers   another red milkweed beetle perching on front of flower cluster, head a bit askance from camera and antenna in front of focal plane   pale damselfly on side of stem   sky blue damselfly perched on rose leaf   green and black damselfly with blue spot at the end of its talk on top of curled dead leaf   tan grasshopper with tiny dark spots on one of few live blades of grass in dead patch   same tan grasshopper among thicker live blades of grass, in orange sunglow   deep orange damselfly perching   mourning dove on twisted power line, cocked head pointing towards camera   a rather sizable map turtle standing on the pavement, with its head curled partway into its shell   some kinda long-bodied, long-antenna'd black with orange-spotted beetle, on small white cluster flowers (unidentified longhorn beetle)   a dragonfly on greenery with a black body, two amber spots on the tail end, and black splotches at the base of its back wings (black saddlebags skimmer). black coloration has bluish highlights  
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"taking pictures of things under water is really funny to me for some reason. sorry." - The Artist