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hoverfly among the asters, i think same kind as last time   hoverfly again but more Aesthetic (messy) with composition unbalanced to lest   bumblebee in left of frame, front view, proboscis visible as it drinks from flower   small yellow roseate flower on right, framed by a swirl of a red corkscrew-shaped stem running across bottom of frame at angle. above flower a third shape, a serrated leaf. looks 90s graphic design to me for some reason   mostly unopened flower, with a bulb shape ending in short white petals, frameed by a gap in the background leaves   one of the asters with a red center in top left, around it dying flowers, mostly brown stubs   some airborne white-filamented seeds caught in a spiderweb between leaves   immature large milkweed bug in seam of opening milkweed pod atop seeds and fluff   in tight gap between a green milkweed pod and an old grey one, a group of deep yellow aphids   end of a milkweed stem hub for another group of yellow aphids. some spiderwebs, a few strands dewy, extending from stem.   immature large milkweed bug, older than last, alongside seam of further-opened milkweed pod   boxelder bug on brightly lit, fluffy white seeding plant   woodpecker perching somewhat above crook of tree. darn bird wouldn't stop moving so only got two usable pictures.   somewhat blurry woodpecker on side of tree at bottom right. can be seen to look exactly like a downy woodpecker but with a yellow belly and side of throat. can someone who can bird please help?   robin on a thin branch backed by thin canopy, head held high   white aster flower at right dominating frame, all-green sweat bee perching on it   two flowers horizontal, left and center of frame, sweat bee on center flower   fuzzy amber hoverfly viewed at slant from front, some flowers below it with red centers and curling petals   a log, the top coated by some pale beige fungus looking like a field of rice grains. there is a large connected ring of the same fungus, more orangish, at right. the remainder of the log has patches of small, leafy yellow-green lichen and larger pale branching lichen with a few ringlike fruiting bodies   close up of tree bark, stringy moss scattered around and a cluster of short bulbous spore heads peeking out from a cleft at left  
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"welcome to page 11. this is another good one i think." - The Artist