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heading currently not understatement


character drawings for max conley's soldier's journal serial

k man the cambrian

in kindergarden they had us draw on these giant candy cane cutouts for a seasonal project, and for some reason i kept on cutting candy canes out of paper at home and replicating the project at increasing levels of sophistication for several years. here is the final iteration.

zany doodles on paper candy cane shape

faces of various descriptions

long face face lit from below meslef face on sun scraggly head gaunt head with text 'i daresay you have a point' grinning head in teal with text 'yowza'

this is real old; it was for a mother's day e-card. i've edited it a bit for presentation here.

dawn in circumplanetary space

"the duality of nature." these were drawn for entirely unrelated reasons many months apart and have no stylistic unity, but i have just now decided they're a diptych, because i can.

snake rabbit

i drew the one on the left in a Scratch project called "bob ross simulator." the creature mosaic on the right is of minor longstanding personal importance to a couple of friends and me. it's hard to explain succintly but basically they're a pareidolia-fueled pokemon ripoff.

sunset bestiary