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yellow garden spider!! slightly closer up and clearer view of web   slanted scene of sparrows peeking from roof   large milkweed bug on milkweed pod   dragonfly with meal achieving lifdoff   moth on sunlit grey soil   inchworm inching on hat brim   single cornflower in dark green surroundings   single turtle- all drenched in duckweed and sun   red dragonfly on boardwalk   more blue flower clusters i can't be bothered to identify   treetops, from below. pretty open canopy   the swamp.   red dragonfly on edge of boardwalk   fungal growths on tree trunk (left)   this jerk of a grasshopper bit my mom   hsr pumpkins in dark (homestar, bubs, gremlin). my mom did bubs   autumn prairie, orange grass, bare-limbed birches in background, azure cirrocumulus'd sky   pair o' mallards. color grading recalls the 70s for some reason   hunkered goose on nest   screenshot of ryan north's dinosaur comics. by screenshot i mean i pointed a camera at the screen.  
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"i hope you do not mind the occasional digression from pure Nature as you follow along this path" - The Artist