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five thin, roughly disc-shaped floppy fungi on the side of a log, with black centers, dusty black edges, and spotted vibrant orage coloration elsewhere. there seem to be some more protuberance-ish mushrooms of similar coloration on the back of the log   close up of the orange-and-black fungi, one in center right of frame, one in each left corner (the bottom one partial), a bit of one in the top right corner   similar floppy disk mushrooms on a smaller log, these with a smoother color gradient: dark in center to a pale orangey-brown to pale beige at the edges   close up of some kind of rough-surfaced dome on wood, with fuzzy attachment edge. not sure if fungus or egg sac   curled up dried leaf resing on moss, some some stubby tubular boils extending from its spine. fungal? not sure, but took the picture in case they were.   a pale brown mushroom cap, split open so that a sliver of gills is visible   millipede running on road surface, pairs of legs moving together in alternating directions   ghost pipe flower in soft focus (freaky goth white-and-black tulip looking plant that saps its nutrition from fungal rhyzome networks rather than using sunlight, for the unaware)   a stacked pair of deattached beige shelf fungi, fairly orderly pattern of small, slightly darkened spots radiating from their centers   mottled patches of bright white fungus on a cut log (wood rot?)   blobby looking, thick, pale orange shelf fungi atop wood   several little spotted puffball fungi in a bark crevasse  
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"that's it for now!" - The Artist