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some soft-looking dull orange fungus to left and behind, some stringy mosses, and in the right-center of the frame some dull leafy lichen   ladybug climbing about on the boundary between stringy moss and bare log   a very large, dull aqua leafy lichen on a pine bough, wrapping around a smaller branch protruding up. algae is growing in the folds of the lichen. needles in background to top   a tubular-looking, dull aqua lichen. is center contains some ringlike structures with black centers (fruiting bodies). its right fringe is new and clean and its left, base area has algae. needles in background to top left   an interrupted ring of dull aqua large leafy lichen in the crook of a bough   narrow depth-of-field picure of some more tubular dull aqua lichen, with a few smaller fruiting bodies, looking square over the top of a branch   a larger patch of the tubular lichen seen from the side on a sloping branch. near bottom right is a much smaller, green disc of branching lichen. to the right is a closed cluster of needles   a forest of vibrant green spore stalks rising from a moss carpet, gently pointed tips, red-brown bases   a dull aqua large leafy lichen, speckled with white dots, nestled in a moss carpet   a broad, pale shelf fungus near the forest floor supporting a few sticks atop it   rock surface with all manner of lichens: leafy yellow, crusty, bulbous darker yellow, crusty, segmented white, what appear to be isolated fruiting bodies, black dusty, and more besides   a depression in the rock filled with pale aqua (almos white), yellow, and chartreuse leafy lichens, with a few of the white fruiting bodies scattered around   a greenish (greying centers, more vibrant extremities) leafy lichen with a line of filament running through it, some smaller aqua-grey leafy lichen to its right   yellow leafy lichen in shadow emerging from shallow, broad crack in the rock   some patches of crusty yellow and white lichen, black dusty lichen on the rock   blazingly illuminated head-on picture of some yellow and grey leafy lichens on a wooden surface with a fly standing at bottom   narrow depth-of-field picture of some amber and grey leafy lichens on a wood fance rail   some small spotty orange lichen in a few rows of woodgrain   shelf fungi wrapping around a medium tree trunk in a spiral staircase formation, the lake behind   two wood ducks on the water by a log, bit of reeds at top of frame  
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"many of these were taken on a lichen tour! it certainly helps to have experts around to point out where the interesting things are" - The Artist