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grasshopper in leaves highlighted by sun, surrounded by a few pieces of its dung   bumblebee on magenta celosia on right, another celosia in soft focus in background to left   large, brown, haired spider seen from above perching on its barely-visible glistening web between leaves, bluebells at top of dark backdrop   mourning dove in wind sittin around on tile pavement   purple flower in soft focus, sweat bee with iridescent green head/thorax and yellow striped abdomen partly visible atop through petals.   full profile view of sweat bee on soft focus flower. flowers now seen to have vibrant burnt orange centers   top view of sweat bee on flower, brighter lighting on petals   yellow with black spots insect taking flight from purple flower. probably cucumber beetle   another sweat bee side profile, this bee all-iridescent green   broad, hairless black and yellow striped hoverfly perching on flower   hoverfly on flower again, more direct top view with a stem crossing top third of image   slightly damaged cabbage butterfly among flowers in soft focus   another all-green sweat bee on another flower, standing on petals rather than flower center (which is smaller and mahogany on this one)   smaller black with two dull-yellow stripes, slightly haired bee on flower. not sure what kind.   very crisply focused honeybee on flower   somewhat less crisp honeybee on flower, this time more Aesthetic with elements pushed to left of frame, an unopened flower in blurred forefround. also i just found out the flowers were asters. cool.   beige-orange spider with beefy legs and black spots hanging on web   black plump-looky spider with brown stripes on its legs, a dead piece of spider exoskeleton on the stone to its left.   slim grey spider with brown legs in its web surrounded by two arthropod pieces (one another spider of its species?)   bumblebee in profile drinking from one white flower out of several, with cone out of focus in foreground (i think asters again.)  
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"i understand this page may have a relative overabundance of sweat bees. unfortunately they are highly photogenic and also i can only find so many kinds of bugs at any given time" - The Artist