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Some of these are a bit blurry. Sorry.
gull on bifurcated lamppost backed by sky   heron flying low over horicon marsh backed by windmills   birds in bare tree. not sure what kind   two cormorants in bare branch   heron standing in tall reeds   bald eagle perched in cottonwood   possibly a belted kingfisher   bird of prey soaring on left, treetops on right   perched egret   snake in the leaf litter   half submerged leopard frog   turtle pair on wood plank raft   soft scene of mother wood duck and ducklings in duckweed on pond   close-up of purplish iris flowers   small five-petaled yellow flower, soft focus   two yellow flowers. sunflowers(?)   mourning dove with large child in nest on drainpipe in roof corner   burnt orange sunset   young deer (has spots) in sunglimpsed woods   open woods- shadowed foreground, sunlit vegetation in back  
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"i hope you like poor composition, and also birds" - The Artist