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That's J.S. Bach's Canon a 2 per tonos you're hearing. (If you have clicked on the little speaker icon, that is.) It is only due to modern advances in sound synthesis and psychoacoustics that we are able to hear it presented this way, both solved and endlessly repeatable. If you don't know what I mean by that then listen for the key changes.

If the implication was not clear, I plan on making some music someday and including relevant information about it here. Whether that plan goes anywhere or whether this site will continue to promote nothing of particular value is an open question.
vinyl record graphic
I made a playlist sorter with Javascript and the youtube iframe API. It doesn't really do anything special, but it's probably the coding project I've gotten the most use out of. If you want to listen to my favorite tunes, check it out! If you want to make your very own json playlist (????) for my sorter, then just reverse engineer the format, I guess. It's pretty basic stuff.