16:40 24.jan.51

after an embarrassingly long period of hem-hawing over the last remaining details, i have finished the TARIS console model and put some overly high resolution pictures of it up. and not a moment too soon, for it is time to resume my Education

19:04 16.jan.51

"new" font just dropped

23:59 15.jan.51

i am a clumsy and i ahve burnt my mouth on the pizza

21:38 12.jan.51

often i wonder how many visitors to this site turn the music on
sketchup tardis console is going alright, albeit slowly at the moment because one of the components as drawn by tony farrell on tardis builders appears to be geometrically impossible

16:44 10.jan.51

incertae sedis dot neocities dot org... now, for the first time in its history, featuring a links page that gives a vague idea of what sorts of websites its links are to

21:20 07.jan.51

so far i've been spending this year on one of my periodic "make an overly meticulous sketchup model of the peter brachacki tardis console design" spells. maybe once it's finished i'll post screenshots of it here in some kinda doctor who shrine... or maybe i won't bother and will move right on to the "claws of axos" kenneth sharp design again.
for reference to the lay audience: the peter brachacki design is the original one from 1963, used with frequent minor alteration (usually as a result of damage) into 1970. the kenneth sharp design debuted in 1971, and lasted in its original form until the end of jon pertwee's (third doctor's) tenure. both designs are canonically pale green and you are allowed to punch anyone who thinks otherwise in the nose.
(don't actually do that, that would be very rude)
final note: i'm posting this like an hour after i wrote most of it because i got distracted by the question of "who did the redesign when the kenneth sharp prop came back in season 13?", and also other things. the answer is "christine ruscoe", by the way. don't ever stare at tardis consoles too long, kids. you will become obsessive and your dreams will be haunted by hexagonal symmetries and retrofuturist machine interfaces

16:24 06.jan.51

re: last update. years are indeed an arbitrary division and time has marched us from a horrible set of conditions to an even worse set of conditions here in the ol' US of A. holy fuck.

00:01 01.jan.51

good bye 2020. i'd say good riddance or somethin but i'm not going to presume smooth sailing from here on