16:43 29.dec.50

i got addicted to cookie clicker again. help

20:20 28.dec.50

finished with (disambiguation). all around a pretty enjoyable experience. i knew what was going on during the mashups approximately most of the time; as for their musical quality, it was kinda hit-or-miss. sometimes the combinations worked well and sometimes not even the keys matched, but at all times they were perfectly capable of inducing a dazed, meme-addled delirium. the production isn't anything to write home about, but then i don't really know anything about production and my baseline is neil cicierega's incomparable projects. as for favorite moments, i'd have to say "föreställ dig", "conned by the lang" (a setting of a classic etext) and all the surprisingly fluid chord and key changes under All Star on GIGAMOUTH. as for the original tracks, not much stood out to me except for "baker's delirium." that one was neat.
i would recommend this album, rough as it sounds at times; Misali has captured some of the dark magic that flows through internet culture. i'm not doing a score or anything. i'm not a music reviewer, i just felt like screaming (speaking calmly?) into the void about something today

18:53 28.dec.50

listening to jan Misali's album (disambiguation). i am on the overture track right now, and i can confirm it's very wild stuff and well worth listening to if you're a fan of silly mashups. i've heard a few other tracks he put on here over the last few weeks, and they were pretty great too. very excited for the rest of the album.
exactly as i had the idea to write a log update for this, karkalicious started playing. i have been a dedicated subscriber since before "hangman is a weird game," mitch. i respected you. i trusted you. How could you do this to me?

21:46 26.dec.50

minesweeper is done now. have fun, and please notify me if you notice any game-breaking bugs or arbitrary code execution exploits

17:24 26.dec.50

the minesweeper project is having some problems.

21:43 25.dec.50

gonna put minesweeper on here soon, for your entertainment

20:25 25.dec.50

i have exactly enough passion for art that i never practice but notice mistakes in things i put up here, suffer for a few days, and then finally work up the nerve to fix them and hope nobody yells at me

18:23 25.dec.50

eheheh this is so much better than twitter

18:19 25.dec.50

A merry Christmas to you, people of the Internet, if applicable. In the spirit of the season, and in the spirit of paranoia that the folks down at the FCC will put me in the slammer for making false claims to 1/7th of my viewers, I bring you a gift today. Generosity springs from my bosom like a panicked gazelle; the gazelle is this web log.
I promise not to write updates this stupid too often. Enjoy.