21:10 16.may.51

i... appear to have made a collision engine that more or less works? everything is frictionless and static right now so no there's telling yet whether it's really stable, but this is farther than i really expected to get after last time

21:08 12.may.51

turns out my hungry wisconsin ass could work in the cheese aisle

21:03 18.apr.54

i've had a bit of a data hoarding/archival itch these last few weeks... for the sake of my ssds i hope i can continue directing it at relatively small volumes of personally important non-video data until i can afford a ton of M-Discs or other such claimed-to-be-durable storage media. also, luckily for "my ability to keep promises on this site," "personally important non-video data" includes certain scratch games (see, oh god... march 51). i have, for the time being, redirected my energy to once again making an overkill collision engine to recreate them in js (i have not learned my lesson).

13:32 23.mar.54

it's been a while again. the short of it is that i still want to do most of the projects i've mentioned here, which puts the site dangerously closer to "another unmanageable dream" than "actual object that can match my idea of it" mental territory. nonetheless i haven't been thinking of much new to do so i'll probably catch up someday. along with this weblog update i've updated the buttons on the links page and fixed the music player (rip discord filehosting). the music button also now pauses the audio rather than just muting it, and your current position in the file should be retained across pages. apparently (given some unimplemented functions in the site js) i was in the middle of doing this before at some point and forgot, heh.

unasked for personal update: my life is in even worse stasis than when i was in college on account of either the job market is evil or i'm bad at job applications or both. if you or a loved one happen to have work for a "computer engineer" consider letting me know. i know this website isn't any kind of real portfolio, but i'm really just doing a bit right now because you don't get jobs by complaining on neocities, so whatever.