14:00 28.oct.53

looks like this site's just crept past 100,000 views. at least according to neocities' notoriously bot-inflated counter. anyway it's is a strange time for this milestone; this site's been in a barely-interrupted hibernation for a long time now (see: this year's log). strangely, i don't really feel like i've grown past my original conception of this site at all in this time. college has kept me in hibernation just as much as it did my work here online... not sure a full-time job's going to leave me or the site much more time for growth, but i like to hope.

Obligatory actual update news: just the usual of course. got another batch of photographs i need to put in the log/write alt text for, also a bunch of TARDIS console page tweaks I'm waiting to push til after the photos

19:14 16.apr.53

new photographs coming eventually. busy busy busy

13:50 29.jan.53

songs that have a bach (or almost-bach) countermelody brass section are cool. i have heard exactly two of them: margo guryan's "someone i know" and xtc's "merely a man". hoping more people have done this, if anybody knows of any others please let me know